Improve Students’ writing skills, even if you teach other subjects…

Writing-Target Resources

Brainstorming and Incubation

Focus on ideas that readers want and need…research topics that answer questions.

Feasibility research reveals what editors buy…what people read.

Study markets to discover what sells.

=> Brainstorming and Incubation
Content Research

Content research starts with “Keyword Research” because Search Engines and online databases focus on Search Terms.

Identify primary and secondary sources, and plan to vet research findings.

=> Content Research
Organization, Mapping and Writing Frameworks

Diagrams and visual representations organize ideas.

Templates, models and frameworks build clarity.

Simplify, outline and convert words into graphic elements to communicate.

=> Organization, Mapping and Writing Frameworks
Draft and Structure

Shape ideas into form…electronic or paper…in any way you can.

Construct sentences, paragraphs…connect ideas with transitions.

Tag headings and sections to streamline your content edit.

=> Draft and Structure
Structural Edit

Follow text logic…flow, transitions and conventions.

Titles, headings, bullet points keep the narrative flowing.

Text grabs and holds attention…start to finish.

=> Structural Edit
Style Guides

Formal style guides and personal style conventions mean consistent writing.

Personal writing habits form your author’s voice.

Check for consistent writing during a “Style Edit.”

=> Style Guides
Review and Revision

Line editing to spiff polish and strengthen your writing.

Clarify ideas, cut fluff, and zero in on meaning.

=> Review and Revision

Check Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Word Usage.

Check and Recheck.

Insist that trained people check on automatic software tampers with your content.

=> Proofreading
Polishing and Packaging

Use Font styles, Headers, Footers, Headlines, Subheads, line spacing and other elements to enhance your content.

Touch up words and sentences with artistic and creative packaging.

Add “Typography Sparkle” to your writing.

=> Polishing and Packaging
Documentation, References and Citations

Tedious tasks like documenting, citing references and sorting sources support writing success.

Write Abstracts as a “Final Step.”

Hire a professional if your work requires Indexing.

=> Documentation, References and Citations
Software Tools

Software tools automate checking, editing and formatting tasks.

Know what to do, know what to write.

Software plus know-how equals writing success.

=> Software Tools
Online Courses

Free Online Courses teach you to write…if you write.

No one learns to write by reading about writing.

=> Online Courses

Special Resources