May 4, 2018

Proofreading Puzzle


  • Step #1: Circle the head line version that looks “Most Correct.
  • Step #2: Use standard proofreading marks to “Fix” all the errors on this page
  1. Fixing “Everything” teaches nothing.

  2. Fixing “Everything,” teaches nothing.

  3. “Fixing Everything;” teaches nothing.

  4. “Fixing Everything”…teaches nothing.

  5. “Fixing Everything…teaches nothing.”

  6. “Fixing Everything, teaches nothing.”

  7. “Fixing Everything; teaches nothing.”

  8. “Fixing ‘Everything;’ teaches nothing.”

  9. “Fixing Everything; teaches nothing.”

  10. Fixing everything teaches nothing.

  11. Fixing everything—teacher nothing.

  12. Fixing everything teaches—nothing.